Holdstation Announces $215,000 Grant for AutoAir AI to Accelerate the AI Landscape on zkSync

Holdstation Announces $215,000 Grant for AutoAir AI to Accelerate the AI Landscape on zkSync

Initial Support for Innovation

Following the recent announcement of the Holdstation Incubation Fund, we are initiating our support for the first project on the zkStarter Launchpad: AutoAir AI - The End Game in Retroactive Hunting, powered by AI.

AutoAir AI transforms the retroactive experience with AI technology, utilizing data to craft tailored strategies. It enables users to access retroactive farming with a single click via Telegram, effortlessly opening up more Web3 opportunities.

Recognizing AutoAir AI's value and its alignment with Holdstation's ethos, we have decided to allocate a 30,000 HOLD fund, equivalent to $215,000, to support the project's growth, enhance yield opportunities, and expand its user base.

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Funding Plan

This Holdstation Paymaster Fund aims to broaden AutoAir AI's influence in several key areas:

  • Liquidity Incentives: Bootstrapping liquidity and providing extra yield for stakers.
  • Marketing Activities: Funding broader and more effective marketing strategies.
  • Network Expansion & Product Growth: Supporting the deployment of upcoming partnerships and the development of new product features.

These steps represent the foundation for AutoAir AI's growth strategy, aiming to accelerate its expansion.

What's next for AutoAir AI?

Airdrops are the key to growing a community, and Holdstation views it as essential for community engagement and foresees significant growth opportunities. Leveraging deep AI algorithms, the aim of AutoAir AI is to develop more strategies for achieving more airdrops.

Supporting AutoAir AI extends the project's reach, allowing it to attract projects with higher capital-raising potential and fostering accelerated growth.

Additionally, AutoAir AI's subscription model promises to create competitive revenue streams, delivering considerable yields for stakers and underscoring our commitment to a community-centric approach.

Looking Forward

Our fund is committed to supporting Launchpad Projects, the Paymaster Alliance, and our community, with a strong focus on community-centric operations. We are dedicated to providing foundational support for the zkSync Ecosystem and its growth.

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