Clash of Visionaries - Zeek and Ratatata's Election Showdown

Clash of Visionaries - Zeek and Ratatata's Election Showdown

Total Prize Pool: $250,000+ in HOLD and ZK

Special Sponsorship: $6,000 from Zeek and KZ

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Greetings, traders! Welcome to the latest Holdstation Trading Contest: Clash of Visionaries - Zeek and Ratatata's Election Showdown, featuring a staggering prize pool of $250,000!

What's your take on the dynamic and evolving ZKsync Ecosystem?

Imagine yourself stepping into a ZKsync world plagued by financial and economic turmoil, leading to a dwindling population. ZKsync desperately seeks a new leader to restore its former glory. Do you have a visionary candidate in mind?

Allow us to introduce two potential leaders:

  • Zeek, the mascot and longtime companion of the ZKsync ecosystem, hailing from the Zeek the Cat faction.
  • Ratatata, the intern from the Zat the Keek faction, diligently working behind the scenes to fuel the growth of the emerging KZ project.

In this contest, you'll take on the role of an elector, casting your vote for either Zeek or Ratatata to shape ZKsync's future.

Additionally, we've introduced a Squad competition category, encouraging you to form teams, trade together, and rally support for your chosen candidate.

Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey? Let's delve into the details below!

Competition Categories

Individual Competition - Top Trading Volume

🏆 Total Prize Pool: $50,000

Showcase your trading prowess and compete for the top spot on the trading volume leaderboard.

***Additional Requirement: You must complete more than 20 trades to be eligible for this category.

Squad Competition

Get ready for an exciting team challenge that will push your skills to the limit! In this category, success hinges on teamwork. No matter the size of your group, you'll need to show discipline, leadership, and flawless coordination to win as a united team. So assemble your squad, muster your energy, and gear up to dominate the competition together!

How does Squad Work?

  • Participants can create their own squad or join an existing one.
  • To join a squad, simply click the invitation link shared by the squad leader.
  • Each squad must have at least 10 members to be eligible for rewards.
  • Squad members must reach a minimum trading volume of $25,000 and complete at least 5 trades to qualify for the squad competition rewards.
  • Squad performance will be determined by the contributions of members who fulfill the minimum requirements: 5 completed trades and a trading volume of $25,000. Individuals who fail to meet these criteria will not have their performance factored into the overall squad's results.

How to Set Up a Squad?

  1. Visit and select "Squad."
  2. Click "Create Squad" (name and create your squad).
  3. Copy your squad link and invite your friends to join.

🏆 Total Prize pool: $120,000

The awards will be divided into 3 categories

Top Squad Trading Volume

Prizes: $72,000

In this category, rewards will be distributed based on the trading volume contribution of each squad member.

To qualify for rewards, a member of the squad must achieve a minimum trading volume of $25,000 and at least 5 trades

Top Squad PnL

Prizes: $36,000

Squad PnL Calculation: Squad PnL will be calculated by averaging the PnL of the 10 traders who meet the requirement (min 5 trades and $25,000 in volume) and have the highest performance. If the number of eligible traders in the squad is less than 10, the squad PnL will still be divided by 10.

Squad Reward Distribution:

  • 50% will be distributed to the top 10 squad members with positive and highest PnL. The rewards will be allocated based on their contribution.
  • The remaining 50% will be distributed equally among all squad participants (note: members must still meet the eligibility criteria to receive rewards).

To qualify for rewards, a member of the clan must achieve a minimum trading volume of $25,000 and at least 5 trades

Top Leaders

This award honors the top 20 squad leaders based on trading volume. To qualify, leaders must create strategies, offer support, and inspire their squad members during the competition, achieving a total squad trading volume of over $3,000,000.

Prizes: $12,000

Each leader will receive $600.

Note: Leaders must also reach a personal trading volume of at least $25,000 and complete 5 trades to be eligible for this prize.

*** Tips to maximize your chances of winning awards:

  • Join a squad and aim for a minimum trading volume of $120K.
  • Develop a smart trading strategy to achieve the highest trading volume.
  • Work with your squad to share strategies and enhance overall performance, pushing your squad to higher rankings.
  • Unlock extra chests filled with exciting rewards by hitting transaction volume milestones.

Achieve Your Trading Targets & Unlock Amazing Rewards! Earn Holdstation Chests!

To celebrate your participation, you'll receive Holdstation Chests for reaching specific trading volume milestones.

More details:

Trading Marathon Conditions and Rewards

Here's how it works:

  • Hit a trading volume of 150K to earn 15 chests.
  • Exceed 200K, and you'll get an extra 5 chests, making it 20 chests in total.
  • This bonus system continues for higher milestones, awarding more chests as your trading volume increases.
  • Be sure to reach substantial trading volumes in each category, and remember, at least 20 trades are necessary to qualify.

What about the $80,000 prize?

Shhh, it's a secret. We'll reveal it soon. Stay tuned and don't miss out!

Important Notes

  • Only closed orders contribute to the calculation of trading volume and the number of trading orders. 
  • Profit and Loss (PnL) is determined after deducting transaction fees. 
  • Forex and commodity trading volumes are considered only at 1/10th of the actual value. For instance, a trade of $100,000,000 on Forex a pair will be accounted for as a trading volume of $10,000,000.

How to participate?

  1. Ensure you have a Holdstation account. Download the app and sign up if you haven’t already here:
  2. Log in and navigate to the trading section or visit this website:
  3. Start trading – your trades will automatically count towards the competition.

Fair Play Rules

Before you dive into the contest, there are a couple of things to note:

🚨 Cheating is strictly prohibited, and any attempts will result in immediate disqualification.

⛔ We also reserve the right to deny payout to any participant who engages in counterfeit activity or violates the terms and conditions of the contest.

That's all.

Now that you've mastered the rules, it's time to compete for a grand prize pool exceeding $250,000.