Holdstation Launches $700,000 Paymaster Incubation Fund to Support Launchpad Projects on zkSync

Holdstation Launches $700,000 Paymaster Incubation Fund to Support Launchpad Projects on zkSync

Holdstation is proud to announce the launch of a $700,000 Incubation Fund to support the expansion of the zkSync ecosystem. This fund is designed to nurture and incentivize projects within the ecosystem, with a primary focus on growing Community, Paymaster Alliance and Launchpad Projects on zkStarter.

A key objective of the Incubation Fund is to identify innovative projects that build upon the existing strengths of Holdstation and zkSync. By supporting these pioneering initiatives, Holdstation aims to achieve several goals: diversify the zkSync ecosystem, accelerate its adoption, and foster a thriving community of users and developers.


  • For launchpad projects on zkStarter, they will receive incubation support to drive strong and rapid development. These projects will be carefully selected, with strategic agreements in place to ensure optimal utilization of capital.
  • For the community, this fund will also cover long-term event expenses such as trading competitions, social media campaigns, and more. Holdstation is dedicated to cultivating a thriving community by creating sustainable value for our Holdstation fam.
  • Paymaster Alliance and projects supporting Holdstation will benefit from this fund, which will offer farming incentives and run marketing campaigns to attract more users to all Paymaster Alliance members.

Since the Paymaster feature launched in Q4/2023, the total transactions using HOLD for gas fee payments have surpassed 1,200,000 txns, accounting for nearly 30% of the total Paymaster transactions on zkSync. The amount of HOLD used for gas fees has reached 212,000+, saving 88 ETH for users across the entire zkSync ecosystem.

Holdstation has accumulated a significant amount of funds. This includes more 110,000 HOLD tokens, valued at over $700,000, collected from Paymaster transactions. Additionally, over $20,000 has been gathered from user network fees paid in tokens like MEOW, MUTE, and USDC.

To ensure maximum security and transparency, all collected funds will be transferred from the Holdstation Paymaster Contract to a new multisig address. This allows for easy tracking by both users and projects.

Closing Thoughts

With rapid growth and increasing adoption of Paymaster technology, Holdstation is primed for continued success. The Holdstation Paymaster Incubation Fund promises diverse growth for zkSync. Together, with zkSync Foundation, our goal is to offer attractive rewards, positioning zkSync as the ultimate Layer 2 solution, not just in terms of technology but also in ecosystem innovation and inclusivity.

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