Holdstation - Upholding zkSync Era's Ethos With Account Abstraction

Holdstation - Upholding zkSync Era's Ethos With Account Abstraction

In the competitive realm of Layer 2 solutions, zkSync confidently asserts its dominance, boasting the highest 30-day TPS (Transactions Per Second) count of 29.97M, making it one of the most active L2 platforms. 

This impressive metric underscores its commitment to scalability and efficiency. Within this vibrant ecosystem, Holdstation emerges, not as an overarching leader, but as a dedicated innovator, striving to both embody and amplify zkSync's core values and principles.

Holdstation's Pioneering Offerings: Smart Contract Wallet & PerpDEX

As the first Smart Contract Wallet on zkSync, Holdstation Wallet isn't just another crypto wallet; it's a smart contract wallet designed for future trading. This groundbreaking innovation ensures seamless transactions while epitomizing the principles of trustlessness and decentralization that zkSync champions. The wallet's simple UI and unique integration of Account Abstraction (AA), showcase Holdstation's commitment to enhancing user experience in line with zkSync's values.

The ecosystem’s DEX, Holdstation Defuture, stands out in the crowded landscape. As the first exchange that funds your gas using Account Abstraction, DeFuture offers traders an experience that's efficient, secure, and free from the usual gas constraints. This product’s concept of trading with the power of AA technology aligns perfectly with zkSync's ethos.

Holdstation's Significance in the zkSync Era Network

Holdstation Wallet's introduction as the first Smart Contract Wallet on zkSync is a monumental achievement. This development is particularly significant for several reasons:

Pioneering Role: Being the first in any domain is always noteworthy. Holdstation Wallet, positioned as the first Smart Contract Wallet on zkSync, sets a precedent and paves the way for future projects and innovations within the ecosystem.

Alignment with zkSync's Vision: zkSync Era Network aims to bring scalability and innovation to the blockchain space. Holdstation, with its focus on enhancing user experience and offering advanced features, perfectly aligns with this vision. The wallet's integration of Account Abstraction resonates with what zkSync aspires to achieve.

Inseparable Partnership: Holdstation's integration into the zkSync ecosystem is a symbiotic relationship. As zkSync continues to grow and evolve, having a robust and innovative ecosystem like Holdstation will be crucial for the expansion of these two.

Data-Driven Insights with Account Abstraction at the Forefront

Recent data from Defillama accentuates Holdstation's derivative DEX on the zkSync Era network as 2nd in 30-day revenue. This achievement underscores Holdstation's value proposition for traders, especially those keen on leveraging the benefits of Account Abstraction. 

Furthermore, Holdstation's stats showcase a 2-month total trading volume of $200m, with monthly transactions reaching 16-20k, emphasizing its gradually growing traction and trust within the community.

Community-Driven: The Bedrock for Ecosystem Scaling

Holdstation, renowned for innovative Account Abstraction and its position as a leading Smart Contract Wallet, places immense value on community feedback. This approach, paired with advanced Web3 wallet capabilities, drives Holdstation's growth within the zkSync Era. Active engagement and feedback integration ensure that Holdstation's evolution aligns with the collective aspirations of its dedicated users.

This project’s aim for the community also shines through its strategic decisions. A prime example is the allocation of 12% of its total token supply for exclusive user airdrops. By ensuring that a significant portion of its community gets a direct profit for their contribution, Holdstation reinforces its mission to make decentralized finance more accessible and rewarding for all.


The synergy between Holdstation and zkSync Era epitomizes the potential of strategic partnerships in the decentralized finance realm. Holdstation's trailblazing initiatives, particularly in the realms of Smart Contract Wallets and Account Abstraction, harmoniously complement zkSync's aspirations for a robust and scalable L2 solution. As both entities continue their journey of innovation and growth, their collaboration stands as a beacon, illuminating the path for the broader DeFi community. Together, zkSync and Holdstation are not just shaping the present but are also laying the foundation for a more decentralized, secure, and user-centric future.