Thread Contest: Journey to Web3 Voyage

Thread Contest: Journey to Web3 Voyage

In anticipation of the upcoming Public Sale event, Holdstation has initiated the Thread Contest, a platform for participants to delve into our products. Through insightful threads and engaging infographics, users can illuminate the unique features that define Holdstation.

Event Duration and Prizes

πŸ•’ Event Duration: November 17 - 12PM UTC November 24

πŸ’° Prizes Await!πŸ† Dive into the $1,000 Prize Pool:

πŸ₯‡ First Place: $300

πŸ₯ˆ Second Place: $250

πŸ₯‰ Third Place: $200

πŸ… Fourth Place: $150

πŸ… Fifth Place: $100

Get ready for an exciting week of rewards! πŸš€

Contest Overview:

Holdstation - A Smart Wallet For Future Trading, Onboarding Millions of Web2 Traders to Web3

Holdstation: The eToro of Decentralized Finance

Holdstation stands as the inaugural Smart Contract Wallet with a primary focus on futures DEX trading and cutting-edge Account Abstraction (AA) technology. Empowering users to seamlessly interact with decentralized applications (dApps), exchange tokens across Layer 2 and EVM chains, and engage in futures trading with leverage up to 500x in mere seconds, Holdstation is the native Perpetual Protocol on zkSync. Endorsed by the chain foundation, we proudly secure top positions in fee generation and stable yield on the zkSync Era.

Participants are invited to choose between a long-text tweet (adopting the new Twitter algorithm) or a thread to highlight key aspects of our project. Here's the essential information to be included:

Holdstation Smart Contract Wallet with #AccountAbstraction

Introducing Holdstation - A Smart Wallet For Future Trading, Onboarding Millions of Web2 Traders to Web3

Account Abstraction is referred to as the game-changer of blockchain. This technology significantly enhances the on-chain user experience & security through its various features.

Holdstation utilizes the native Account Abstraction tech of zkSync, which you can check out here:

Holdstation currently supports 12 EVM chains, including L1 and L2, and is available for download on both iOS and App Store.

Holdstation is the first smart contract wallet on zkSync, integrating numerous features:

  • Paymaster: Sponsoring fees for users, enabling gas payments with stablecoins (not limited to just $ETH).
  • Batch Transaction: Aggregating multiple transactions and processing them in one go. The primary benefit of this feature is the ability to swap/trade futures with one-click convenience (UX similar to centralized exchanges 😁).

For more details:

  • Spending Limit: Setting limits on the amount of a particular token that can be used within a specified time frame (e.g., limiting an address to using only 1 $ETH within 24 hours).
  • Social Login: Creating a wallet through social media platforms such as Twitter, Discord or Telegram.
  • Seedless Recovery: Eliminating the use of a seed phrase and instead encrypting and splitting the seed phrase into three parts: one part saved in the cloud (Google Cloud or iCloud), one part stored on the device, and one part encrypted into a QR code (recommended to be stored by a trusted individual). Collecting all three parts allows for wallet recovery.

Other notable features of Holdstation:

  • In-app revocation, no reliance on third parties.
  • Token contract scanning powered by @dedotfi
  • In-app browser
  • In-app aggregator swap (by KyberSwap) & SyncSwap on zkSync
  • Low fees (0.2% for swap vs. 0.4% – 0.8% on MetaMask, Rabby, and Trust)
  • Self-custodial with true decentralization
  • Free fees for some pairs on zkSync
  • Incentives for user activity

Keywords Suggestion

Smart Contract Wallet, Account Abstraction, ERC4337, MPC Tech, native zkSync project, low fees, self-custodial, non-custodial, better UX & enhance security, zkSync, airdrop (zkSync & airdrop very important)

DeFutures - Explore Holdstation PerpDEX

Holdstation Defutures: Pioneering the Brokerage Trading Model in DeFi

Holdstation DeFutures is built on an oracles-based DEX model, ensuring that users' orders are matched with ultra-low slippage. Additionally, the DeFutures Vault provides liquidity in $USDC to safeguard against asset devaluation risks and de-pegging while not limiting the potential expansion of trading pairs in the future.

Several features make Holdstation DeFutures stand out from the rest of the market:

  • A wide range of trading options, including crypto, forex, and commodities, with leverage of up to 500x.
  • Flexible Market Maker (FMM) Model that universally applies a funding fee to all assets, creating a more streamlined and highly efficient trading experience.
  • DeFutures Vault allows traders to earn real yields from trading fees (real yield).
  • Dynamic Price Feed (DPF) ensures accurate pricing for all assets. It takes the average price from spot oracles of CEXs with a commitment to preventing scam-wicks (manipulation), guaranteeing the fairest prices for all Holdstation users.
  • Batch Transaction and Paymaster are applied to DeFutures, sponsoring network fees for positions greater than $5000, and users can pay network fees with stablecoins instead of $ETH.
  • Affiliate Program: users can earn up to 70% from trading fees by friends they invite.

Read more

Bonus: Rank 2-3 Protocols by fees/revenue on zkSync & Rank 1 Derivative protocol by fees/revenue on zkSync (DeFiLlama).

Keywords Suggestion

DeFutures, Perpdex, Real yield, manipulation, trading fees, Stablecoin yield, paymaster, batch transaction

Dive into the #Holdstation Launchpad

Holdstation Launchpad - Your Gateway to Build zkSync Journey

Holdstation Launchpad stands as a cornerstone in the zkSync ecosystem, providing crucial support for promising projects' token sales. Our platform is a one-stop shop for projects, investors, and our dedicated community, collectively propelling zkSync's success!

All about Holdstation Launchpad:

Keywords Suggestion

Fair Launch Model (very important)

Insights of $GOLD & $uGOLD tokens

What is $GOLD and $uGOLD? The Utility Token of Holdstation

πŸ‘‰ $GOLD

  • $GOLD is an off-chain token a.k.a reward point. $GOLD is used as a reward for actions taken by users of Holdstation such as swapping, trading on DeFutures, or holding tokens in the top 100 market cap.
  • $GOLD cannot be transferred or traded. It has no maximum supply, only halving (inflation reduction) by 50% every 6 months. By December 2023, $GOLD will have its second halving in its lifetime.
  • Easy way to get more $GOLD by Holdstation $GOLD Digger telegram bot:

πŸ‘‰ $uGOLD

  • $uGOLD (unlock $GOLD) is an on-chain token. Holdstation users can convert $GOLD into $uGOLD directly within the app. $uGOLD can be traded and transferred without limitations. Inflation in $uGOLD is reduced through buybacks and burns from Holdstation's revenue.
  • $uGOLD can be used to reduce fees for services such as swapping, trading, or converting to other tokens like $ETH, stablecoin, and $HOLD if you wish.
  • More details about $GOLD & $uGOLD:

Discover $HOLD token

HOLD Tokenomics - Building #RealYield for the Future
  • $HOLD tokenomic:
  • $HOLD public sale:
  • $HOLD is the governing token and is an on-chain token with a maximum total supply. It is designed for super ultra mega sustainable development and long-term benefits for users, partner, ecosystem and Holdstation.
  • Holding $HOLD means users can participate in the DAO and future development decisions of the project. Additionally, 40% of Holdstation's revenue is shared (swap, trading, building Account Abstraction SDK for 3rd parties) with those who stake $HOLD.

Why Community Revenue Sharing?

  • With Holdstation's goal to become a leader in the Web3 space, similar to what Etoro is in online trading, you might wonder why choosing us over them. It's simple: Etoro uses your funds, but Holdstation aims to give back to you. That's a difference you can truly benefit from.
  • When you use Holdstation, you earn rewards from the fees we collect. We use the rest to make Holdstation even better for you. Plus, we cover some of the fees for you. It's all about growing together with our users.
  • At Holdstation, we're focused on building a community where everyone benefits β€” from everyday users to long-term holders, along with the platform itself. We believe in growing together for the long haul.

Airdrop & Holdstation's latest stats

Explore Treasures on zkSync’s Voyage
  • We will enable users to convert $GOLD to $uGOLD to claim rewards accumulated from activities across the ecosystem's products up to this point.
  • Additionally, Holdstation has allocated a portion of $HOLD tokens for an airdrop to users who have engaged in early usage and supported the project's development up to this day. Details regarding the airdrop and criteria will be disclosed once $HOLD tokenomics are released, so stay tuned.


It would be fantastic if you could briefly talk about our development journey and recent growth through some performance statistics that have shown strong growth as follows. You can use some stats that we already published or check out the link below.

Important Note and How to Enter

To enter, you need to post your infographic long tweet or thread on Twitter.

Remember to kick off your tweet or thread with #WalletFi narrative and use hashtags #Holdstation, #HoldstationDeFutures, $GOLD, $uGOLD, and tag @HoldstationW. πŸš€

After that, submit your post by commenting below our announcement.

Evaluation Guidelines

  1. The top priority is a Thread/Long Tweet that combines insightful content with eye-catching graphics. Don't forget to add hashtags and tag.
  2. Secondary criteria include Impressions, Likes, and Reposts.
  3. Bonus points will be awarded for threads featuring videos sharing personal experiences with the Holdstation App or Holdstation DeFutures.


Before setting sail on this exciting contest, please take note of these crucial details:

🚨 Strict Anti-Cheating Measures: We uphold a zero-tolerance policy against any form of cheating. Any attempts to manipulate the contest or engage in dishonest practices will result in immediate disqualification. Fair play is paramount!

β›” Violation Consequences: We retain the right to disqualify and withhold rewards from any participant found engaging in activities that compromise the integrity of the contest or violate the stipulated terms and conditions.

Your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines ensure a fair and enjoyable contest experience for all participants. Best of luck, and may the most skilled sailors emerge victorious!

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