Sophon Community Sale on zkStarter: Everything You Need to Know

Sophon Community Sale on zkStarter: Everything You Need to Know

zkStarter is prouded to unveil our latest collaboration with Sophon for the Node Sale Event. Sophon, utilizing zkSync’s innovative Hyperchain technology, is a modular rollup designed specifically for the entertainment industry. This initiative has garnered robust support from key ecosystems such as zkSync, Beam, Zentry, and Aethir, combining AI, gaming, and various entertainment facets into a cohesive and beneficial platform for both developers and users.

Sophon has recently secured a significant investment of $10 million from prestigious investors like Paper Ventures, the Spartan Group, Maven 11, SevenX Ventures, OKX Ventures, and HTX Ventures. This funding round, further bolstered by support from Matter Labs and Lambda Class, cements Sophon’s role as a holistic solution spanning entertainment, gaming, music, art, ticketing, and beyond.

What is Sophon?

Sophon is a dynamic, community-led entertainment ecosystem built on a modular rollup stack that uses zkSync's Hyperchain technology.

Today's blockchains often suffer from high transaction fees, limited cross-chain interoperability, and a fragmented user experience. These issues, along with scalability challenges, stifle innovation and growth as they fail to provide adequate incentives for developers, who are often reliant on grants.

Sophon is designed to address these obstacles by fostering a network where all participants, from developers to end-users, are motivated to engage and are adequately rewarded for their efforts.

To promote fair and incentivized participation, Sophon plans to enable node holders to operate the network's sequencer, allowing them to earn sequencer fees. Additionally, node operators will receive rewards in Sophon's native token, $SOPH, for their role in maintaining and securing the network's decentralized framework.

Leveraging zkSync's Hyperchain technology and hyperbridges - a native, trustless communication protocol within the ZK stack - Sophon enhances cross-chain interoperability. This capability enables Sophon to effortlessly connect and transact with other chains in the ecosystem, accessing a broader pool of liquidity and a diverse user base.

Sophon Node Sale Detail

zkStarter is always striving to find opportunities for Holdstation users to gain early access to projects at the fairest and most favorable prices. Therefore, we will allocate 600 Sophon Nodes based on the information provided in the table below.


  • Snapshot time: 0:00 UTC 26/4
  • Each wallet is only allowed to purchase 1 Node, including during both the Whitelist Round and Public Round.
  • The Whitelist Round Node Sale is part of Tier 4.
  • The Public Round Node Sale is part of Tier 5.

For more details about Node Tier: More details

Whitelist Round (Tier 4)

Holdstation's ultimate goal is to maximize benefits for its community. Therefore, we have decided to allocate 100 Nodes for HOLD Stakers, who can easily purchase them starting from April 27, 2024, at 14:00 UTC, within 24 hours before the Public Sale begins.


  • Stakers must maintain a minimum balance of 4,000 HOLD from March 26 to April 26 to be eligible for the whitelist.
  • The token used for payment in this round is HOLD.
  • Any Nodes not sold during the Whitelist Round will be added to the Public Round.

Public Round (Tier 5)

Nothing matters more than community, so the Public Round is dedicated to the Sophon enthusiasts and HOLD Stakers who do not meet the whitelist criteria. All users can purchase with their ETH on a First Come First Serve basis without any limitation. 

  • The Public Sale starts on April 28, 2024, at 14:00 UTC.

About SOPH Tokenomic

SOPH is the primary token of the Sophon ecosystem. To promote equitable and incentivized engagement, node holders are planned to operate the Sophon sequencer, earning sequencer fees in the process. Moreover, node operators will be rewarded in $SOPH for their contributions to maintaining and ensuring the integrity of Sophon’s decentralized structure. To maintain stability, $SOPH tokens earned as rewards will be locked and non-transferrable for three months post-claim.

About zkStarter

zkStarter is the first launchpad to implement native Account Abstraction technology on zkSync. It aims to connect users and projects in the best possible way with a smooth experience. The ultimate goal of zkStarter is to help users access projects at the best prices, fairly and fraud-free.

*This is a method of selling node keys, not a typical token sale model. zkStarter acts solely as an intermediary to facilitate connections between the community and Sophon. Investors participating in the Community Sale should thoroughly research before engaging.

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