Holdstation Weekly Recap: Week 4, May 2024

Holdstation Weekly Recap: Week 4, May 2024

Date: 21st Apr 2024 -  28th Apr 2024


This week has been monumental for Holdstation, marked by significant achievements and engaging events. Let’s delve into the details.

Key Takeaways

  • Holdstation achieved an impressive $9 billion in trading volume over 10 days.
  • Holdstation surpassed zkSync in terms of 24-hour fee collection, totaling two million dollars.
  • Holdstation side event at GMVN 2024 is coming, featuring a yacht party.
  • A significant 80% of these fees were redistributed to Holdstation stakers.
  • The cumulative account abstraction user activity in transactions has now surpassed 1 million.

And more!


Holdstation recorded a remarkable trading volume of $9 billion within just 10 days.

Don’t miss the Holdstation side event at GMVN 2024, featuring a yacht party that dives into the future of DeFi.

Holdstation had flipped zkSync in term of 24h fee collected.Holdstation outperformed zkSync in collecting fees over a 24-hour period, amassing a total of two million dollars.

Two million dollars in fees collected by Holdstation. A substantial 80% of these collected fees were returned to Holdstation stakers.

Holdstation Weekly Stats

otal transactions involving account abstraction user activity at Holdstation have now exceeded 1 million.

Holdstation's APY for $HOLD Staking Vaults has now exceeded 50.41%.

Weekly trading volume increased by more than 34%, surpassing $500 million.

The Cat Kingdom Chronicles trading contest is nearing its conclusion—participate now to maximize benefits.

Remember, Holdstation's Paymaster Grant is available for zkSync ecosystem projects seeking Paymaster integration. If you're looking to implement this technology and need funding support, connect us via email support@holdstation.com

Weekly yield update

USDC vault

  • Total USDC Vault APY: 20.89%
  • Total Staked: 3,407,637 USDC

HOLD staking vault

  • HOLD Staking APY: 54.69%
  • TVL: 9,839,824 USDC
  • Staked: 2,326,199 HOLD
  • Percent Staked: 62.03%

Partnership Announcement

Holdstation is thrilled to partner with TRALA, a leading all-in-one gaming platform in Web 3.0.

Eligible holders of at least 60 $HOLD can gain early access to the Goon Fund NFT whitelist courtesy of Zorro.

Noteworthy Events

Baby Zeek Swap Competition with a prize pool of 7,000,000 $KITTEN.

16,000,000 $PIG available in Holdstation treasure chests.

Celebrate Mainnet launch with GoatTech and a massive giveaway.

Special drop from Holdstation for Owlto Finance Paymaster adventurers.

Special drop from Holdstation for Reactor Fusion Paymaster adventurers.

Swap $SPEEDY to win prizes totaling up to $1,500.

Less volatility in a choppy market? check out Holdstation Vault APY.

Play the SoB CoinFlip Game gas-free and claim your OAT (500 FCFS).

Special drop from Holdstation for Z0mma Paymaster adventurers.

Win from a prize pool of 16,000,000 $WEN in our $WEN Airdrop Swap Competition.

Participate in the Task2Get airdrop with BitgetWallet & friends for a chance to win $30,000.

Looking Forward

As we progress, Holdstation is dedicated to further enhancing our platform with more user-centric features and strategic partnerships. Stay tuned for these innovative developments that promise to redefine your Web3 experience.