Holdstation Weekly Recap: Week 3, Feb 2024

Holdstation Weekly Recap: Week 3, Feb 2024

Date: 12th Jan 2024 -  19th Feb 2024


This week Holdstation didn't just perform well; we're excelling in every aspect, especially with Paymaster. We'll not just be keeping up with the excellent work, we'll keep you, our dedicated contributor, having an incredible ride on the DeFi revolution with us. Now, let's look at zkSync stats overall and our performance this week.

Key Takeaways

  • zkSync's Growing Influence: Embracing the motto 'ZK is the Endgame,' zkSync is gaining significant attention, hinting at major upcoming developments.
  • Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability: zkSync had the lowest transaction costs.
  • Paymaster's Milestone: Surpassing 1 million transactions, Paymaster is advancing zkSync's mainstream adoption.
  • Impressive Paymaster Stats following the hype: Holdstation's Paymaster feature shows remarkable performance.
  • Holdstation Financial Milestones: Recent achievements include all-time highs in daily and weekly trading fees
  • Partnerships: New Paymaster Alliance with txSync, including a new partnership with Long Mao and notable featured in SyncSwap’s Aqua Pool.

And more!

zkSync Ecosystem

zkSync is embracing its motto, 'ZK is the Endgame,' attracting significant attention across the ecosystem. The quote's rising popularity hints at potential major developments from the chain.

zkSync is solidifying its status as the most cost-effective and scalable blockchain, boasting the lowest transaction costs.

Holdstation's year-long journey on zkSync has been impactful, with its mission to revolutionize the DeFi world through native Account Abstraction.

Paymaster is making significant strides in zkSync's mainstream adoption ambition, surpassing 1M transactions.

Holdstation Weekly Recap

Weekly stats

Holdstation's Paymaster stats are getting real impressive, particularly in transactions paid in alternative tokens and fees covered by Paymaster.

As of Feb 13, Holdstation has sponsored 17.32 ETH (~$70K) in gas fees and facilitated over 57,000 AA transactions.

Not just that, Holdstation users up to now have used 35,500 $HOLD (~$120,000) to cover gas fees via Holdstation Paymaster.


With zkSync's focus on Paymaster and our promising stats, this is an opportune moment to enhance our presence in the ecosystem. The Paymaster feature removes gas fee barriers for users and acts as a promotional and connecting tool within the ecosystem. Our Product Manager, during an AMA with zkSync, aptly described Paymaster as "a perfect feature to accelerate mass adoption."

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Holdstation also achieved recent all-time highs in daily and weekly trading fees, surpassing $30,000 daily and $100,000 weekly.

A phenomenal weekly trading fee is reaching new ATH from Holdstation, as we reported weekly to our subscribers.

Remember, Holdstation's Paymaster Grant is available for zkSync ecosystem projects seeking Paymaster integration. If you're looking to implement this technology and need funding support, connect us via email support@holdstation.com

After Starknet announced their airdrop criteria, Holdstation released a post about the Next Step for airdroppers. This post went viral, garnering 149K impressions, over 1.5K likes, and 350 reposts.

Holdstation has reached over 10,000 invites in our treasure chests.

Weekly yield update

USDC vault

  • Total USDC Vault APY: 57.37%
  • Total Staked: 2,112,140 USDC

HOLD staking vault

  • HOLD Staking APY: 67.72%
  • TVL: 7,602,093 USDCHOLD
  • Staked: 2,032,645 HOLD
  • Percent Staked: 54.2%

Partnership Announcement

Holdstation Paymaster Alliance welcomes another critical player in the ZK Ecosystem. Users can now use $HOLD to pay for gas on txSync - zkSync's native bridge.

Holdstation is now featured in SyncSwap's Aqua Pool with hsUSDC/USDC and ETH/wstETH pairs. Liquidity providers can enhance their yields in these efficient pools, and optimize their yield quickly and safely with SyncSwap.

In partnership with Zeek the ZK Cat, Holdstation has collected 400M $MEOW for gas payments. As a supportive gesture, we'll stake these tokens in The Cat Pantry, the $MEOW staking contract.

New partnership alert with Long Mao, the Dragon Cat beloved by zkSync users. To celebrate, we're airdropping 5.15 $LMAO into Holdstation treasure chests.

Holdstation ZORRO Swap Competition has been concluded, check out your rewards now!

The Holdstation x Mute Paymaster Revolution event concluded, with 1,325 chests and 200 $HOLD distributed as rewards.

Events and Tasks

The Zeek The ZK Cat Swap Competition with Holdstation offers a prize pool of 120M $MEOW for leaderboard participants.

Holdstation's biggest trading contest is heating up, with close competition across Individual and Squad categories.

PIXELUSD is the latest trading pair on Holdstation Defuture. We're offering participants a chance to win a share of 300 $USDC in celebration of this new listing.

Looking Forward

This week has been extraordinary for both Holdstation and zkSync, setting the stage for the practical application and performance of the Paymaster feature. Looking ahead, our community can expect a continuation of this Paymaster momentum with more innovative collaborations on the horizon. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and continued excellence in our offerings.