Holdstation Weekly Recap: Week 2, Mar 2024

Holdstation Weekly Recap: Week 2, Mar 2024

Date: 5th Mar 2024 -  12th Mar 2024


Despite rumors about zkSync snapshots, the platform continues to show impressive stats, with zkSync's active users reaching a peak of 3.2 million among all Layer 2 solutions. This week, Holdstation soared to new heights, not just through individual achievements but through the power of partnerships and launching new projects.

Key Takeaways

  • zkSync dismisses snapshot rumors, active user count on this L2 is still up and among L2s at 3.2 million.
  • The LSD trend hits zkSync, spearheaded by $wstETH through a collaborative effort from SyncSwap, LidoFinance, and Holdstation.
  • Holdstation's Defuture TVL now leads derivative projects in the zkSync ecosystem.
  • The rebranding of Holdstation Launchpad to zkStarter.
  • Introduction of AutoAir AI on zkStarter, revolutionizing airdrop hunting with AI technology and expanding the utility of the Holdstation ecosystem.
  • The formation of new Paymaster Alliances with KreatorLand and other notable collaborations, such as WeBears and BigInt.

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Rebranding alert: Holdstation Launchpad has been transformed into zkStarter.

zkStarter announces its next launchpad project: AutoAir AI, set to revolutionize airdrop hunting with AI technology.

zkSync Ecosystem

zkSync dismisses snapshot rumors, maintaining its lead with the highest active user count among L2s at 3.2 million.

Introduction of Cronos zkEVM by Cronos in partnership with Crypto.com, leveraging their 80 million users for a zkSync L2 solution.

The LSD trend hits zkSync, spearheaded by $wstETH through a collaborative effort from SyncSwap, LidoFinance, and Holdstation.

Holdstation Weekly Recap

Weekly stats

Over 160,000 Treasure Chests claimed, amounting to $295K in value.

Holdstation Defuture's TVL leads among derivative projects within the zkSync ecosystem, recorded at $3.8 million.

Holdstation reaches Level 6 with a market cap of approximately $30M.

Weekly yield update

USDC vault

  • Total USDC Vault APY: 27.78%
  • Total Staked: 3,827,904 USDC

HOLD staking vault

  • HOLD Staking APY: 44.77%
  • TVL: 12,562,409 USDC
  • Staked: 2,129,221 HOLD
  • Percent Staked: 56.78%

Partnership Announcement

Holdstation partnered with AutoAir AI, an AI-powered Telegram bot for automated and strategic airdrop farmingleveraging Holdstation's AccountAbstraction with AutoAirAI's technology.

Exclusive partnership with Holdstation and WeBears and BigInt

New Paymaster Alliance member Owlto is now available; give it a try and enjoy easy gas fee payments.

New Paymaster Alliance formed with KreatorLand, enabling seamless gas fee payments via Holdstation's Paymaster-as-a-Service.

Remember, Holdstation's Paymaster Grant is available for zkSync ecosystem projects seeking Paymaster integration. If you're looking to implement this technology and need funding support, connect us via email support@holdstation.com

Events and Tasks

Holdstation proudly announces its role as the Diamond sponsor for ETH Vietnam 2024.

Exclusive NFT giveaways to celebrate the partnership between Holdstation and ReactorFusion.

Beany Swap Competition and Beany Chest Drop celebrate the Holdstation and Beany partnership.


Beany Chest Drop as celebrating Holdstation and Beany partnership

Looking Forward

Holdstation is set to introduce more innovative collaborations and groundbreaking projects within the zkSync ecosystem. With ongoing developments and the community's unwavering support, we look forward to further expanding our ecosystem and delivering exceptional value to our users. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and opportunities.