Holdstation Weekly Recap: Week 3, Dec 2023

Holdstation Weekly Recap: Week 3, Dec 2023


This week at Holdstation, we've witnessed remarkable growth and achievements, setting new records in trading volume and user engagement. Our strategic position in the zkSync ecosystem continues to strengthen, reflecting our commitment to innovation and user-centric development.

Key Takeaways

  • Holdstation sponsored Syncswap's Paymaster with 80% discount paying gas by HOLD
  • Holdstation's trading volume has reached a milestone of $1B.
  • Daily active users have surged to an average of 4,000.
  • Holdstation DeFutures ranks #4 in Unique Traders ranking of PerpDex across all chains.
  • Holdstation is now 2nd in fee generation on zkSync with $262,746 in 30-day fees collected.
  • Significant developments in the zkSync ecosystem, including Chainlink integration and surpassing major platforms in daily TPS.

Before going into details about Holdstation performance this week, let's take a look at some details in the zkSync Ecosystem.

zkSync Ecosystem Updates:

Dec 13th: Chainlink price feed, a partner of Holdstation is officially integrated on zkSync Era

Dec 17th: zkSync Era surpasses Arbitrum and Ethereum in daily TPS, showcasing its advanced capabilities.

Weekly TPS on zkSync Era (Source: L2beat)

Holdstation Weekly Recap:

Recent Performance

Trading Volume: Increased 143M (+9%) from last week, now reached $1B. This marks a significant in the growing performance of our platform.

Active Users: Daily active users have reached an average of 4,000, reflecting a vibrant and growing community.

Unique Trader: Holdstation DeFutures ranks #4 in the Unique Traders ranking of PerpDex across all chains.

Fee Generation: Holdstation is currently ranked 2nd in fee generation on zkSync, with $262,746 in 30-day fees collected. The weekly fee now at $65,000, increased $8,000 (+13%) compared to last week.

The consistent rise in trading volume, number of traders, and fee generation are a testament to Holdstation's robust and user-friendly trading environment for both seasoned traders and new entrants to DeFi. This milestone underscores our commitment to providing a seamless trading experience and highlights the increasing popularity of Holdstation as a preferred platform for crypto enthusiasts.

Weekly Yield Updates:

USDC staking vault


Total USDC Vault APY: 48.08%

Total staked: 1,860,922 USDC

HOLD staking vault


HOLD staking APY: 78.36%

TVL: $5,400,752 USDC

HOLD Staked: 2,045,739

Percent Staked: 54.55%

Recent News and Updates:

$HOLD is accepted for covering gas fees on http://SyncSwap.xyz

For users of this leading DEX on zkSync, paying gas fees with $HOLD comes with an impressive 80% discount.

80% discount for paying gas on Syncswap with HOLD

After 1 week of launching the HOLD gas payment on Syncswap, Holdstation has collected around 1900HOLD (~ $4700) from users on Syncswap. This adds up to a total of 6700 HOLD (~$18,000) users spent for Paymaster option all across zkSync projects. With the ongoing expansion of Holdstation partnership and Paymaster integration, this number is expected to surge even more.

Total HOLD token users paid for gas on Syncswap

That being said, Holdstation is eager to extend our support to other zkSync projects planning to integrate Paymaster. We're ready to help projects implement this innovative feature to their products, as well as sponsor gas fees for transactions paid with $HOLD, which enhances flexibility and user experience in the zkSync space.

DMs are open!

Competitions and Events:

the Ho-Ho-Holdstation Christmas Trading Competition

AMA about Layer2's War and Opportunities in Uptrend Season with Hoai Nam - Holdstation’s founder (Vietnamese)

Participate in the Affiliate World Conference in Bangkok, the #1 Affiliate Marketing Conference globally! 🌏

Looking forward

As we move ahead, Holdstation is poised for even greater achievements and innovations with our current concentration, Account Abstraction. Our focus will remains steadfast on enhancing the user experience, expanding our reach within the zkSync ecosystem, and continuously improving our platform's features and functionalities.