Holdstation Treasure Chest: Earn up to 1 BTC with Daily Quest

Holdstation Treasure Chest: Earn up to 1 BTC with Daily Quest

Holdstation is a community-driven project that is committed to creating value for its users. We are excited to introduce our newest feature, Holdstation Chest.

What is Holdstation Treasure Chest?

Holdstation Treasure Chest is a daily reward that is given to active users of the Holdstation wallet. Each chest randomly rewards valuable tokens, including BTC, ETH, HOLD, and GOLD.

How does it work?

Users earn Treasure Chests by completing Daily Quest. Each day, users are given a variety of quests to complete, including:

Wallet Quest

  • Swap through Account Abstraction Wallet & Pay gas by HOLD token with volume > $100

DeFutures Quest

  • Trade a crypto pair with volume > $5,000
  • Trade a commodity pair with volume > $50,000
  • Trade a forex pair with volume > $50,000

Infinity Bonus 

  • Invite friend

Daily Quest expires after 24 hours. After a quest expires, it will be automatically refreshed and a new chest will be awarded. Each device can claim one free chest per day. If a user has already claimed a free chest on one wallet, the other wallets on that device will not be able to claim a chest. However, all wallets can still complete Daily Quest without limitation.

Reward Allocation

For each quest completed, users will receive one chest corresponding to that quest. Each quest can only be completed once, and unclaimed chests will be burned after the Daily Quest reset.

When users receive and open a chest, they will have the chance to win a random selection of tokens, including BTC, ETH, HOLD, and GOLD. The maximum reward is 1 BTC.

If the reward is GOLD, it will be added directly to the user's balance. If the reward is the other tokens, it will be accumulated and can be claimed on Mondays every week.

Important Note: 

⛔ To participate in the daily quest, your wallet must have a minimum balance of 25 HOLD.

⛔  All rewards obtained from the Holdstation Treasure Chest will have a claim period of exactly 1 week after they are unlocked. After that period, all unclaimed rewards will expire.

⛔  Cheating is not tolerated. Holdstation will take action to prevent and disqualify any intentional acts of cheating. Holdstation also reserves the right to refuse to pay rewards to individuals who have committed cheating throughout the course of the program.


Holdstation Treasure Chest is designed to maximize rewards for user activity. It balances the benefits for stakers, traders, and liquidity providers without any negative impact on the platform in the long term. No matter how users interact with Holdstation, they are always rewarded for their participation.

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