Holdstation Airdrop #1 and HST Credits Unveiled

Holdstation Airdrop #1 and HST Credits Unveiled

Key Dates:

  • $HOLD airdrop will be claimable on 2 PM UTC - November 27th 2023
  • HST Credits will be exchangeable on 2 PM UTC - November 28th 2023
  • Both $HOLD airdrop and HST Credits MUST be claimed/exchanged before 2 PM UTC December 27th 2023

Hello HOLD-ers!

Can you believe it's been a full year since we launched Holdstation Wallet on both App Store & Google Play? Time really does fly! A huge shoutout to our early supporters, bug hunters, and community leads – you all are the legends who made this year truly unforgettable!

Your vibes and feedback have been invaluable, and we couldn't have come this far without you.

zkWave 1 Airdrop

As a token of our gratitude, we've initiated the first airdrop, amounting to 2% of the total supply. We're distributing 600,000 HOLD tokens, 100% claimable at TGE, to our early supporters and users who've been with us since the launch of Holdstation Wallet & Holdstation DeFutures.
This is our way of giving back to those who've been an integral part of our journey. Users can claim $HOLD at 2 PM UTC on November 27, 2023. 


HST Credits

Holdstation is excited to announce the HST Credit Drops, a special reward for our early incentives stakers towards the Holdstation’s USDC Vault. Exchange your excitement with the ratio of 10 HST Credits for every 1 HOLD token.

With a strong community of over 17,000 dedicated stakers, the grand redemption event is scheduled for 2 PM UTC on November 28, 2023.

zkWave 1 and HST Credits Expiration

A friendly reminder to our community: both zkWave 1 and HST Credits will have an expiration date set to 2 PM UTC on December 27, 2023. Please ensure to redeem your HOLD allocations before this date.

As part of our commitment to transparency and future incentives, any unclaimed HOLD allocations reserved for zkWave 1 and HST Credits will be gracefully transferred back to the treasury.

The Next Chapter: Future zkWave

Soon, another 10% of the token supply will be distributed in multiple phases for our active traders, loyal wallet users, Blockchain Influencers, and affiliate agencies.

Our vision goes beyond just wallets – with the implementation of Account Abstraction features,  we're on a mission to capture a share of the 30 million users in the trading market. Our goal is to offer a decentralized alternative, ensuring that your assets remain under your control, free from the limitations of centralized entities.

Who Qualifies for zkWave 1?

The eligibility window for activities spans from 12:00 PM UTC on 06/03/2023 to the snapshot time at 12:00 PM UTC on 09/11/2023. The more active you are during this period, the larger your share of rewards.

  • DeFutures Exchange: Every trade counts – the more trades and volume, the higher your share of HOLD tokens!
  • Swap Masters: Swap enthusiasts who've swapped above $300 before the snapshot time are eligible for rewards!
  • AA Wallet Veterans: If your wallet has had over 2 transactions, you're eligible for the zkWave 1.
  • Pay gas by stablecoin: The more you use this feature, the higher your $HOLD rewards.
  • GOLD Reward Users: If you've committed for the long haul, haven't exchanged to uGOLD yet, and got a minimum 2 million GOLD Reward, you're in for some drops.
  • Discord Role / NFT Holder / First 200 Debank Badges: For Discord Role holders and NFT enthusiasts – your activities and contributions will be rewarded in our zkWave 1.

Curious if you've caught the zkWave 1? Just explore the latest version of the Holdstation App to check your eligibility

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