Introducing Holdstation - A Smart Wallet For Future Trading, Onboarding Millions of Web2 Traders to Web3

Introducing Holdstation - A Smart Wallet For Future Trading, Onboarding Millions of Web2 Traders to Web3

Holdstation Vision

In the world of cryptocurrency, there's a widespread agreement: we need a single solution to make everything simpler, encourage more people to embrace web3, enhance how we use blockchain, and get countless users involved in on-chain dApps. This is where native Account Abstraction (AA) or ERC-4337 comes in, and it's gaining traction across the crypto community.

Holdstation Vision

At Holdstation, we're not another wallet or trading platform; our vision is simple - we want to transfer 30 millions traders & trillions dollars value in CFD Market from Web2 to Web3. By that, users can seamlessly integrate asset management and diverse trading experiences, within one non-custodial wallet.

While Perpetual DEX currently holds a modest 3% of the total market share, the horizon is brimming with potential for substantial growth. At Holdstation, we're leading the way in the future of trading. With a solid track record of over $200,000 in fees and $300 million in trading volume. Our mobile-friendly iOS and Android apps are further fortified with security through zk-proofed, and non-custodial blockchain technology.

Holdstation On-chain Stats

Holdstation's Fusion with the zkSync Era: A Deeper Dive

Holdstation embarked on a journey marked by innovation when Vitalik Buterin outlined the potential of Layer 2 scaling and account abstraction. This vision led us to zkSync, the pinnacle of zk-Roll Up technology.

zkSync, tier 4 of zk-Roll Up technology, offered high scalability and lightning-fast transaction speeds, setting the stage for a new era in blockchain development. The crucial element was the native support for Account Abstraction in zkSync's codebase, giving it an edge over other chains that relied on relayers to build similar functionality. With the remarkable growth of Hyperchain, achieving 600,000 TPS, trading execution may soon rival fast trading systems on blockchain.

Redefining User Experience with Account Abstraction

Holdstation is all about simplifying blockchain technology. We want to make it easy for everyone. You don't need to be a tech guru to use our platform. What we offer is a user-friendly experience, where you can manage your assets, make smart investment choices, and enjoy the convenience you'd expect from your everyday banking.

  • 🗝️ Easy Onboarding: Say farewell to seed phrase stress. Holdstation has introduced social login and seedless recovery to make it easy to get started.
  • 💰 No ETH no problem: With Account Abstraction, you can make transactions using stablecoins or authorised tokens.
  • 🆓 Fee-Free Trading and Simple Referrals: Trading without gas fees, just like your favourite centralized exchanges. And when it comes to referrals, anyone can join in, even if your wallet doesn't have a cent, you can still register for the referral programs.
  • 🔒 Spending Limit: Customize your maximum transfer amount to ensure your assets stay safe. 
Account Abstraction on Holdstation

Community Revenue Sharing 

Holdstation aspires to be a prominent player in the Web3 arena, akin to Etoro's position in the online trading sphere. However, what sets us apart is a straightforward yet compelling distinction: Etoro utilizes your funds, while Holdstation's mission is to provide you with benefits.

When you use Holdstation, we shared our revenue with you. Additionally, we alleviate some of the fees on your behalf. Our commitment is centered on mutual growth with our valued users.

Revenue Sharing Model on Holdstation

At Holdstation, we're focused on building a community where everyone benefits — from everyday users to long-term holders, along with the platform itself. We believe in growing together for the long haul. 

Holdstation's Future Outlook

We are just scratching the surface, and Account Abstraction is the tip of the iceberg. To enhance the ease and efficiency of trading, we will introduce:

  1. Native zkSync Launchpad
  2. Multiple new features within our Paymaster & Smart Wallet suite
  3. Brokerage Trading Module
  4. QR codes for secure authentication directly with mobile apps, alongside WalletConnect for secure connections.
  5. Trading Bot & Signal Bot
Holdstation Future Outlook

The real breakthrough emerges from the fusion of Account Abstraction with zkSync's hyperchain. We empower traders to execute high-speed trades with our visionary perpetual on zkSync, ensuring a consistent and seamless experience in the decentralized world, similar to what you have experienced on centralized exchanges. Holdstation is all about innovation and accessibility, reshaping the landscape of trading for a future that's bound to exceed your expectations.


At Holdstation, our business model is strategically aimed at capturing a significant portion of the existing trillions of dollars within the market. The revenue we generate plays a role, not only as an additional value for our financial success, but also as a source of substantial fees for our valued stakers. This symbiotic relationship between our growth and the rewards we offer is a cornerstone of our vision, ensuring we build not just a good business, but a thriving ecosystem on zkSync for all involved.

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