zkStarter Launchpad Unveils: AutoAir AI

zkStarter Launchpad Unveils: AutoAir AI

After the success of our launchpad featuring HOLD, we were on a quest. Our mission wasn't just to find any project, but one that resonated with our ethos—a project where technology and vision intertwine seamlessly with the Holdstation Ecosystem. Then, like the final piece of a puzzle, we discovered AutoAir AI.

Introducing AutoAir AI: The End Game in Airdrop Hunting

AutoAir AI revolutionizes airdrop hunting with AI technology, collecting and leveraging data to devise tailored airdrop strategies. It offers the simplicity of one-click airdrop access via Telegram, effortlessly opening a world of opportunities for Web3 users.

By leveraging AI to learn and mimic human-like patterns, Auto Air AI allows users to perform complex on-chain tasks with simple Telegram commands, free from hassle and Sybil. This is why zkStarter sees immense potential and synergy in AutoAir AI.

The Next Launchpad: AutoAir AI - AAI token launch

Date: 15/03/2024 (Staker & Public Round)

Total Amount Raise: 30,000 HOLD

Staker Round: 15,000 HOLD

Public Round: 15,000 HOLD

Rate: 1 HOLD = 666 AAI

Staker Round (Whitelist) - 15,000 HOLD

Snapshot Timeline:

From Feb 14th to Mar 14th (30 days), HOLD stakers will undergo a time-weighted average stake balance snapshot to determine their whitelist eligibility.

Example: If you staked 1,000 HOLD for the full 30 days, your average staked balance would be 1,000. However, if you staked for only 15 days, your average staked balance would be reduced to 500. Any adjustments to your balance during this period will also be taken into account.

Tiered- Base system

To further reward our supportive users, a tier-based system will apply, benefiting those who stake more & longer will earn higher allocation. HOLD stakers will be divided into three tiers, each receiving a different bonus on their eligible HOLD stakes balance:

  • Tier 1: For HOLD stakers with a balance of 100 - 4,000 HOLD, the eligible HOLD balance remains unchanged.
  • Tier 2: Stakers holding between 4,000 - 10,000 $HOLD will receive a 10% bonus on their eligible $HOLD balance to purchase $AAI.
  • Tier 3: Stakers with more than 10,000 $HOLD will enjoy a 20% bonus on their eligible $HOLD balance to purchase $AAI token

Please note that the HOLD amount above considered as time-weight averages balance in 1 month, not the current HOLD staking.

Any UNSOLD token during the staker round will be available in the public round.

Public Round - 15,000 HOLD

Timeline: After Staker Round concluded

Minimum buy per wallet: 10 HOLD

Maximum buy per wallet: 50 HOLD

Users will participate in the public sale on a first come, first served basis until all allocated tokens are sold.

Affiliate Program

zkStarter offers an affiliate program that rewards users for inviting friends to join AAI Launchpad. Users can earn 10% commission in HOLD from each successful referral purchase, which is only available in the public round.

Advancing Integration

By integrating Paymaster, a feature of Account Abstraction technology, zkStarter is committed to delivering an exceptional token sale experience for AutoAir AI enthusiasts. This initiative allows participants to harness cutting-edge features for a seamless transaction process, setting a new standard in the digital token exchange.

Looking Ahead

This launchpad is the beginning of our shared path toward expanding the Holdstation ecosystem and contributing to the zkSync community's growth. As we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what's possible, we invite you, our users, to stay connected for more exciting updates and breakthrough developments in the near future.

Launchpad Link: zkstarter.holdstation.com/auto-air

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