What Is The Holdstation Wallet Referral Program? Difference And Value

What Is The Holdstation Wallet Referral Program? Difference And Value

Referral events, with attractive rewards, are often launched in the early stages of projects to attract users. With quality projects which have financial potential, this stage is often the greatest period for users to hunt for rewards and experience the products to have a chance of receiving airdrops later.

Because at this time, the project really needs the initial user group to experience the project and spread it to the community. So they are willing to spend big funds to achieve their goals.

Referral with Holdstation Wallet

With the desire to bring the best experience of Holdstation Wallet to the community, the project will deploy a user referral program when it is officially launched on both iOS and Android operating systems.

If you are a user who already uses and loves Holdstation Wallet, don’t hesitate to recommend the app to your friends and earn more rewards.

There are 2 sources of profit you can get with this referral program:

1. Get GOLD when you refer a friend

For each friend you refer to use Holdstation Wallet, you will instantly receive at least 100,000 GOLD. And this number will increase as you refer more and more friends. The amount of GOLD received corresponds to the detailed table below:

The amount of Gold that users can receive when referring friends

2. Get GOLD when your friends swap

Not only with successful referrals, but you also get a passive income every time your friends swap on Holdstation Wallet. As soon as the swap is successful, you and your friend will receive GOLD up to 50% of the swap fee.

So what does this mean? It means that the larger the swap volume, the more GOLD you will get in return. Especially, if you are the referee, you will have a passive income from friends without having to do anything. There is nothing better than a safe cash flow of money in the middle of a downtrend.

The Difference in Holdstation Wallet Referral

With so many running events out there, what makes Holdstation Wallet events stand out and worth the time?

  • uGOLD Value

Instead of receiving money or gifts of intangible value, users participating in Holdstation events will receive GOLD or uGOLD. uGOLD has the ability to exchange not only BUSD, but also a token, so it has the potential to increase prices and bring more profits to users.

  • Safe Profit

By referring your friends, you will get passive income when they swap. In the market, you always come across ponzi projects or excessive issuance of tokens to reward users, which soon becomes very risky. However, with Holdstation Wallet, the source of rewards is distributed from the project’s own profits — the swap fees. Therefore, this is a safe and sustainable source of income for referrals.

  • Initial Launch

As mentioned above, early-stage users are very important for every project. Therefore, this will be one of the biggest and most attractive programs of Holdstation Wallet.

Let’s try Holstation Wallet now to participate in this great event and earn more income!

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