The Next Chapter for Holdstation

The Next Chapter for Holdstation

June has been a phenomenal month for Holdstation, marked by our successful performance in the ZKsync ecosystem and significant achievements. Going through many ups and downs and achieving numerous milestones, it's time for us to make our next strategic move for Holdstation's future development: integrating the technology we believe could be the revolution of Web3 —Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A Good Run So Far

Holdstation has achieved a lot, from launching our perpetual DEX - Holdstation DeFutures to leading the Paymaster feature with Paymaster Alliance on the ZKsync ecosystem. This progress is shown in a 300%+ increase in our user base every development phase, over $200 million in Assets Under Management (AUM), and thousands of new Account Abstraction users daily.

Holdstation Total Asset Under Management by Chain

Our performance has been impressive across multiple segments. Recently, Holdstation Defutures achieved over $12 billion in total trading volume and topped the 30-day trading fees with around $200,000 spent by our users, bringing the total collected fees of Holdstation to over $2.3 million.

Holdstation Total Trading Volume

Our latest accomplishment is winning the ANKR x Homeless Ventures Hackathon with ZKsync, sharing a total prize pool of $200,000. With our expertise in innovating and building a Web3 product for the masses, offering optimized user experiences and innovative use cases, Holdstation is set to expand further in our vision to drive broader adoption and innovation in the blockchain space.

Established Backers and Partners

Holdstation List of Backers and Partners

Holdstation has a strong list of backers and partners with diverse expertise. Our supporters include infrastructure providers like ZKsync, Chainlink, Kyber Network and ANKR, as well as well-known ventures that invest in early-stage innovations like SNZ Capital, Summer Ventures, and EVG. We also have backing from Pentoshi, a respected crypto market strategist known for his market predictions and economic insights, along with various project partners in the blockchain ecosystem.

Despite these achievements and supports, we recognize that it’s time for Holdstation to advance to the next stage of development. The transition will be essential to maintain our momentum and continue to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

After Dencun

On June 22, the median Ethereum gas price dropped to 2.9 gwei for the first time since January 2020. This was due to the Dencun upgrade, which significantly reduced transaction costs on Ethereum layer-2 networks such as ZKsync, Arbitrum, and Optimism. The upgrade also included proto-dank sharding, enhancing data availability efficiency on the Ethereum mainnet.

Source: Dune @hildobby

However, this has also led to a decrease in the total amount of ETH burned on the mainnet. Despite the inflationary trend in recent months, the overall Ethereum supply has decreased substantially since the Merge.


The pros and cons of Dencun upgrade open up opportunities but also pose new challenges for L2s and protocols, including Holdstation, to effectively utilize these opportunities while minimizing the risks. This is particularly crucial for the ecosystem we are building with ZKsync.

Holdstation's Next Steps

After evaluating our current situation, we've outlined our upcoming plans for the short-term future of Holdstation.

$ZK Incentives for Our Community

Holdstation Allocation for the ZKsync Airdrop

As part of our commitment to rewarding our community, we will distribute these $ZK tokens to incentivize user activity and contributions. Based on the current allocation, we plan to strategically deploy these tokens to enhance liquidity, incentivize trading, and support innovative projects building on Holdstation and our incubation platform, zkStarter.

  • Liquidity Incentives: To bolster our liquidity pools and ensure a robust trading environment, ZK tokens will be allocated to liquidity providers on Holdstation.
  • Trading Incentives: Traders on Holdstation will benefit from trading fee rebates in ZK tokens. These rebates can cover up to the total cost of trading fees, making trading on Holdstation more cost-effective. Qualified trades will be rewarded with these incentives.
  • Grant Incentives: To promote innovation and development within Holdstation and the ZKsync ecosystem, we will introduce a grant program to support projects with the potential to significantly impact the ecosystem.

Holdstation AI integration

As Holdstation grows and evolves, our next strategic move is integrating AI into our protocol. Recognizing AI technology's immense potential and transformative impact, we are preparing to launch a product on top: Holdstation AI Hub.

Here's an outline of our plan:

  • AI Investing
    • AI Invest: Holdstation will integrate AI to assist users with their investments. This will include creating personalized portfolios, providing investment suggestions based on users' expertise, and aggregating potential news to inform decisions.
    • Copy Trade: Users can select trusted portfolios for copy trading. With advanced options to personalize volume, distribution ratios, and asset acquisition decisions, Holdstation AI will manage and execute these trades.
  • AI Integration
    • AI Assistant: Holdstation will introduce an AI assistant to enhance user experience. This assistant will help users navigate the platform, manage assets, execute trades, and optimize portfolios. It will also answer queries and provide personalized recommendations.
    • AI Feature Integration: Our products will incorporate AI features to adapt to user interactions. These features offer a personalized interface, automated trading strategies, risk management, and market analysis.
  • AI Explore
    • Insights Compilation: We will aggregate and present information generated by our AI, including trends, market movements, and innovative insights.
    • AI News & Updates: Provide users with a comprehensive news aggregate from various sources about the latest developments in AI, including breakthroughs, advancements, and significant events.
  • AI Research
    • AI Token Analysis: Conduct deep research and analysis on new and noteworthy AI projects. This will include a list of promising AI tokens, detailed reviews of individual projects, and analysis of AI-related narratives in the crypto space.
    • Investment Insights: Provide insights and recommendations based on thorough AI research, helping users to identify and capitalize on potential investment opportunities within the AI sector.

By combining AI with decentralized finance, Holdstation provides superior tools and experiences, delivering detailed insights into projects, market potential, and the latest AI developments.

The Path Forward

Our Vision for Building a Complete Ecosystem

"Holdstation aims to become the decentralized Binance, providing all the features and products users need within an ecosystem" - Hoai Nam, founder of Holdstation.

Currently, the Holdstation ecosystem requires a key component to be complete. When we look at the Binance ecosystem, we see that it includes the BNB Chain, Binance Wallet, and Binance Exchange. With substantial resources and significant backing from our prominent supporters, Holdstation has a Smart Wallet that could leverage Hyperchain to build a product that creates a more approachable entry point, enhances credibility, and boosts liquidity for users.

Our deep treasury and notable backers position us to introduce an innovative project that will further elevate the user experience and expand our ecosystem. More details about this ambitious vision will be announced soon.

Next launchpad on zkStarter

Our zkStarter platform is gearing up for the launch of new projects. We are currently focusing on two sectors: AI and GameFi. GameFi, which drove the bull run in 2021, has already proven to be a great potential. AI on the blockchain is a newer approach but has significantly impacted the market with practical concepts and features that make crypto more approachable.

Upcoming Launchpad Projects

With the upcoming updates, zkStarter is set to facilitate the launch of innovative projects, providing our community with early access to exciting opportunities.

Integration of new Layer 1 and Layer 2

To further diversify and develop Holdstation, we are also planning more integrations with both Layer2 and Layer1 solutions. These integrations will enhance our platform's capabilities, providing users with a more seamless and versatile experience across different blockchain ecosystems.

Future Vision

Looking ahead, Holdstation is committed to driving innovation and adoption in the blockchain space. By leveraging our strategic partnerships, advanced technology, strong community support, and now, with the AI Hub focus, we aim to create a more inclusive and accessible decentralized finance ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as we continue to build DeFi's future.