Holdstation Wins ANKR x Homeless Ventures Hackathon, Shares $200,000 Prize Pool

Holdstation Wins ANKR x Homeless Ventures Hackathon, Shares $200,000 Prize Pool

Holdstation is excited to announce we're the winner of the ANKR x Homeless Ventures Hackathon, a collaborative event with ZKsync to foster innovation and growth among developers with a total reward of over $200,000. This competition encouraged participants to utilize Ankr’s blockchain infrastructure for building on the ZKsync platform, promoting a fusion of technology and creativity.

Highlights from the Hackathon:

  • Innovation and Building: The hackathon served as a creative outlet for developers to engage deeply with their projects, offering a chance to secure funding to advance their innovative ideas.
  • Networking Opportunities: The event provided a valuable platform for participants to connect with other tech professionals, which could lead to potential collaborations or career advancements.
  • Contributing to Web3: By participating, Holdstation contributed to the growth and enrichment of the Web3 ecosystem, supporting the development of new and innovative technologies that benefit the community.

Holdstation's Performance

Throughout the hackathon, Holdstation demonstrated its leadership potential within the ZKsync ecosystem, notably for its role in leading the Paymaster Alliance. Since integrating native Account Abstraction in September 2023, Holdstation has established itself as a leading perpetual DEX on ZKsync, achieving over $10 billion in total trading volume and recently topping the 30-day fee rankings within the ecosystem.


In addition to its technical achievements, Holdstation has seen a significant increase in its user base, which has grown by 350% from the previous period. This growth underscores the community's strong support and the platform's capacity to meet user needs effectively.

Rewards and Future Steps

As the hackathon winner, Holdstation received:

  • $ANKR distribution and investment in angel round funding from Homeless Ventures.
  • Strategic advisory sessions and networking opportunities facilitated by Ankr and ZKsync.
  • Access to Ankr Enterprise Node & RPC services and opportunities for co-marketing and AMAs.

These rewards mark a step forward in Holdstation’s journey, enhancing our ability to innovate and expand our services. The support from Ankr and Homeless Ventures provides a robust foundation for future growth, aligning with our vision to drive broader adoption and innovation in the blockchain space.

About Holdstation

Holdstation is a smart contract wallet designed for future trading, featuring a native launchpad on ZKsync and an AI Hub. As a pioneer in Account Abstraction utilization, Holdstation offers key features such as Paymaster, which covers transaction costs; Batch Transactions, for streamlined approvals and trades; and Spending Limit, enhancing user security. The platform continues to onboard thousands of new users daily, further establishing its dominance in the blockchain space.

About Ankr

Ankr Network is the gateway through which Web3 developers, projects, and protocols connect to the node infrastructure and development tools they need to build Web3 applications. Ankr is a decentralized Web3 infrastructure provider powering the foundational layer for Web3, DeFi, and the digital economy across dozens of blockchains. Ankr’s RPC node marketplace enables independent node providers to monetize their node infrastructure and allows Web3 developers to access Ankr’s increasingly decentralized RPC services with a pay-as-you-go model secured by the ANKR token.

About Homeless Ventures

Homeless Ventures is dedicated to nurturing early-stage blockchain projects by bringing together experienced professionals from investment, research, advising, and development sectors. The organization prioritizes transparency, merit, and fairness within the blockchain ecosystem, striving to foster innovation and sustainable growth.