Holdstation Weekly Recap: Week 2, Jan 2024

Holdstation Weekly Recap: Week 2, Jan 2024

Date: 9th Jan 2024 -  16th Jan 2024


Continuing the momentum with a series of milestones and partnerships achieved this week, Holdstation is rapidly advancing to meet the expectations of our users and the zkSync Ecosystem. Let's dive into our achievements and see what we've accomplished this week.

Key Takeaways

  • zkSync maintained a 3-week streak in TPS compared to other L2s, with impressively low transaction costs.
  • zkSync is now available on Gitcoin Grant
  • Holdstation achieved 3 new ATHs this week, with TVL now in the top 4 among projects in the zkSync ecosystem.
  • Holdstation Paymaster is having an impressive outcome this week, with great performance with SyncSwap and a partnership with Mute
  • Holdstation is now a strategic partner of Modular Labs

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zkSync Ecosystem Updates

The ecosystem's transaction processing per second (TPS) has now maintained a 3-week streak, surpassing all other Layer 2 solutions and even Ethereum itself.

Source: L2Beats

Not only does zkSync lead in TPS, but it also boasts the lowest costs among L2s. Demonstrating its expected performance: fast, secure, and cost-effective transactions, complemented by innovative features and upcoming technological advancements.

zkSync Era has been integrated into Gitcoin’s Grant stack, offering a comprehensive grants tooling solution for ecosystem management. This integration is anticipated to boost the chain's popularity and provide an additional fundraising avenue for the ecosystem and its projects.

Holdstation Weekly Recap

Weekly stats

Holdstation achieved 3 new ATHs this week: Daily Active Users surpassed 8,043, Daily User Actions reached 44,017, and there were over 1,000 Daily Transactions with gas paid in alternative tokens.

 Additionally, Holdstation's TVL ranked in the top 4 on zkSync, witnessing a +43% increase in the past month. These significant stats underscore Holdstation's growing position in the zkSync ecosystem, as we continue to set new records weekly.

The performance of Holdstation DeFutures is also noteworthy. Recently, this product saw a significant surge, generating $79,165 in fees, with $64,000 shared among $HOLD stakers and Vault stakers.

With the Paymaster feature on Syncswap, 11,200 $HOLD was collected to cover gas fees, reflecting the effective utilization of this feature. Furthermore, Syncswap plans to use these funds to generate yield for future development and buybacks.

Remember, Holdstation's Paymaster Grant is available for zkSync ecosystem projects seeking Paymaster integration. If you're looking to implement this technology and need funding support, connect us via email support@holdstation.com

Weekly Yield Updates:

USDC staking vault

Total USDC Vault APY: 58.79%

Total staked: 2,074,270 USDC

HOLD staking vault

HOLD staking APY: 96.08%

TVL: 8,921,562 USDC

HOLD Staked: 2,114,114

Percent Staked: 56.38%

Partnership Announcements

Partnership with $Zorro: Holdstation have teamed up with $Zorro, a meme token on zkSync, and celebrated by distributing $3,000 worth of $ZORRO in Treasure Chests.

Strategic Alliance with Modular Labs: the collaboration aims to simplify the Web3 experience, aligning with our vision of making it as intuitive as Web2 platforms.

Paymaster Alliance with Mute: Joining forces with Mute, the OG DEX on zkSync. By choosing $HOLD for gas payments, users can enjoy an incredible 30% savings on gas fees.

Events & Competitions

Bitcoin ETF Celebration: Holdstation is giving away $BTC to 10 lucky winners this week.


Syncswap x Holdstation Galxe Campaign: Wrapping up with an extra 12,000 chests for 12,000 participants.

Ho-Ho-Holdstation Trading Competition: Winners announced and prizes distributed. Check your wallets for rewards, and winners please contact Holdstation for more details.

More $ZORRO Airdrops: 3,000,000 $ZORRO set to be shared, plus an extra bonus for stakers with over 200 $HOLD.

Looking Forward

Another top-notch performance from Holdstation this week, marked by impressive stats and exciting insider news. Stay tuned for more updates and surprises from Holdstation!