Holdstation Weekly Recap: Week 2, Apr 2024

Holdstation Weekly Recap: Week 2, Apr 2024

Date: 9th Apr 2024 -  15th Apr 2024


Another active week at Holdstation, focusing on onboarding activities within the zkSync ecosystem to maximize user investments.

Key Takeaways

  • Holdstation has launched its task on 'Mission 200K' with Layer3.
  • Introduction of the new "Portfolio Analysis" feature in the Holdstation App
  • The Cat Kingdom Chronicles Trading Contest continues to heat up.
  • Unlocking of 1,393,875 HOLD for community funds.

And more!


Holdstation has launched its task on 'Mission 200K' with Layer3, offering users the chance to claim a share of $200,000 in token rewards.

Introduction of the new "Portfolio Analysis" feature in the Holdstation App allows users to track their investments and futures trading activities.

A friendly reminder to users: the Cat Kingdom Chronicles Trading Contest is currently ongoing. Participate now!

Unlocking of 1,393,875 HOLD for community funds, to be managed via multisig wallets for strategic future uses.

How to claim your chest on Holdstation Wallet?

The perk of being a Holdstation user is you can use all of these listed features at no cost.

A special AMA series, "Paymaster Alliance Assemble," has been launched, featuring guests from BigInt, Libera, and Holdstation.

Holdstation Weekly Recap

Weekly stats

Holdstation's daily trading volume hit $90 million.

Focused enhancements on user experience, notably through significant reductions in wait times across Holdstation’s services.

Remember, Holdstation's Paymaster Grant is available for zkSync ecosystem projects seeking Paymaster integration. If you're looking to implement this technology and need funding support, connect us via email support@holdstation.com

Weekly yield update

USDC vault

  • Total USDC Vault APY: 22.47%
  • Total Staked: 3,533,328 USDC

HOLD staking vault

  • HOLD Staking APY: 67.42%
  • TVL: 12,950,415 USDC
  • Staked: 2,416,122 HOLD
  • Percent Staked: 64.43%

Partnership Announcement

Launch of the #2 Paymaster Revolution with Orbiter, featuring an exclusive NFT campaign.

Introduction of the SoB x Sharkie Meme Contest.

Launch of Moody Madness Alpha by Crypto Maze.

Noteworthy Events

Holdstation is preparing for its participation at Token2049 in Dubai and will feature prominently at the ZK FEST with zkSync.

As a diamond sponsor for GM Vietnam this year, Holdstation continues to strengthen its community engagement.

Finalized and Ongoing Competitions

The AAI Swap Competition has now concluded. Congratulations to the five winners! Rewards will be distributed very soon.

In partnership with Viction, Holdstation is excited to announce a new giveaway totaling $3,000 in prizes. Participate now by minting your NFT for a chance to win.

The Holdstation Catwifhand Swap Competition on Avax has also concluded. Congratulations to the top four swappers! Prizes will be distributed shortly. Check out the results now.

Looking Forward

As we build on the momentum of these competitions and partnerships, Holdstation continues to innovate and expand its offerings. Stay tuned for more engaging activities and opportunities to win in future events. Our commitment to enhancing user experience and value through unique contests and collaborations remains stronger than ever.