Holdstation Wallet FAQ: Your Essential Guide to Secure Asset Management and Easy Transactions!

Holdstation Wallet FAQ: Your Essential Guide to Secure Asset Management and Easy Transactions!

🔒 Is Holdstation Wallet safe to use?

Holdstation Wallet’s security is top-notch, thanks to the zk technology. Users have complete control and ownership of their assets and transactions, without the need for complex KYC procedures, ensuring anonymity.

💸 How do I transfer assets to Holdstation Wallet?

You can easily transfer assets from centralized exchanges or other personal wallets to Holdstation Wallet using a wallet address or QR code. In the future, Holdstation will support purchasing assets directly from fiat to wallet (on-ramp).

💰 What assets does Holdstation Wallet support?

Holdstation Wallet supports a wide range of assets on Ethereum-compatible chains, including coins/tokens and NFTs.

📱 Can I restore/move the wallet between different devices?

Yes! As long as you have your private key or seed phrase, you can easily move your wallet between different devices without any obstacles.

👨‍💼 Does Holdstation Wallet have a limit on the number of wallets?

No, you can create/import as many wallets as you want without any limit.

💸 Are transaction fees on Holdstation Wallet high?

Currently, Holdstation charges a fee of 0.2% for networks other than zksync, which is much lower than Metamask’s 0.875%.

Holdstation supports a 0% swap fee for trading on zksync. Sending assets between different addresses does not incur any fees, and users only need to pay network fees.

🌐 What blockchain networks does Holdstation Wallet currently support?

Holdstation currently supports EVM integrated chains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, zkSync Era, Polygon, zkEVM, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

🤖 How does Holdstation DeFutures derivatives exchange work?

You can find more information about Holdstation DeFutures here (https://docs.holdstation.com/holdstation-docs-en/product/holdstation-defutures).

🔌 How can I connect my wallet to Holdstation DeFutures?

There are two simple ways to enter Holdstation DeFutures:

🛡️ Does Holdstation Wallet have any safety features?

Holdstation provides two important features to protect users: Revoke Token and Disconnect Wallet from dApps in a few simple and quick steps.

💰 Can I stake or earn passive income through Holdstation Wallet?

Currently, staking is not supported, but you can earn passive income through the GOLD rewards program.

🤝 Can I use Holdstation Wallet to perform cross-chain asset exchange functions?

This feature is currently under development and will be launched soon in the near future.

🚨 Can I set up balance change notifications or price alerts on Holdstation Wallet?

This feature is currently under development and will be available soon.

🔑 Can I recover my assets if I lose my private key or seed phrase?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, regardless of which wallet brand you use on the market. So, please remember to back up your key

⛽️ Can I set higher gas fees in case of network congestion?

Yes, Holdstation Wallet currently supports 2 transaction fee modes: Standard for normal network conditions, and Economical for congested network conditions or users who want to experience faster transaction speeds.

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