Holdstation Secures Security Audit With Peckshield

Holdstation Secures Security Audit With Peckshield


Peckshield, the leading global blockchain security company, has completed a comprehensive audit for Holdstation, affirming the protocol’s robust security and operational performance. This audit, which found no critical issues, underscores Holdstation's commitment to maintaining the highest standards in blockchain security and efficiency in revolutionizing Web3.

Audit Overview

Peckshield's audit of Holdstation was extensive, covering four major categories crucial for any DeFi platform:

  • Basic Coding Bugs: Identification and analysis of common coding errors.
  • Semantic Consistency Checks: Ensuring the smart contract logic aligns with the intended functionality and design.
  • Advanced DeFi Scrutiny: A deep dive into business logic, system operations, and DeFi-specific aspects to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Additional Recommendations: Suggestions for further improvements and enhancements.

The audit process involved a thorough manual review of Holdstation's business logic, system operations, and DeFi-related components. This comprehensive approach was aimed at uncovering any potential issues that could impact the platform's performance or security.

Key Findings

The Peckshield audit report presents an in-depth analysis of various aspects of Holdstation, including its smart contracts, code structure, governance, and infrastructure. The findings highlight that Holdstation's smart contracts are "well structured and neatly organized," reflecting a high level of engineering and design proficiency in building smart contracts.

Access the Full Peckshield Audit Report

For detailed insights and findings, access the full Peckshield audit report here


The completion of the Peckshield audit is a testament to Holdstation's dedication to security and reliability. This achievement reinforces the platform's position as a secure and efficient DeFi solution, which also builds trust within its user community. Holdstation will continue to strive for excellence, ensuring that its platform remains at the forefront of Web3 innovation and security.