Holdstation and Modular Labs to Make Web3 Accessible for Global Users

Holdstation and Modular Labs to Make Web3 Accessible for Global Users

Holdstation, an innovative Web3 wallet for Future Trading, is announcing its strategic partnership with Modular Labs, a venture builder dedicated to accelerating the mass adoption of Web3.

A Shared Vision and Strategy

This partnership grants Holdstation access to Modular Labs' comprehensive resources, including their advanced modular blockchain technology, extensive liquidity support, and a broad network of media and funding connections. This collaboration is in line with the shared vision for both parties in terms of simplifying the Web3 user experience, making it as intuitive as traditional Web2 platforms.

Current Collaborations and User-Centric Design

Holdstation's current partnership with leading crypto entities such as Matter Labs (builder of zkSync), Chainlink, SyncSwap, ANKR and ViaBTC, demonstrate the commitment to a user-centric design. Holdstation products are designed to offer simplicity and ease of mind as if interacting on Web2 applications, bolstered by the support of these significant entities.

Brand new chapter with Modular Labs

Joining forces with Modular Labs marks a new chapter for Holdstation. This collaboration taps into Modular Labs' advanced technology and wide-reaching influence, aiming to significantly improve both the user experience and the overall performance of Holdstation platform. This alliance with Holdstation is a key step toward creating a more accessible and efficient decentralized ecosystem.

Modular Labs, with its strategic landscape focus on key Asian markets like Singapore, Korea, and Vietnam, is ideally positioned to assist Holdstation in expanding its influence in these regions. The partnership aims to push the boundaries of Holdstation's market reach even further.

Alongside that, by leveraging Modular Labs' expertise in creating scalable and user-friendly dApps on modular blockchain technology, Holdstation will be well-equipped to navigate various sectors effectively, including a wealth of resources and connections, along with the opportunity to implement cutting-edge technology, ensuring comprehensive market coverage and enhanced growth prospects.

About Modular Labs

Modular Labs stands as an ideal partner for projects and founders looking to create effective, user-friendly products for a global audience. Their access to strategic partners and talent pools worldwide positions them at the top of blockchain innovation. Modular Labs is dedicated to simplifying the development process, enhancing user experiences, and fostering the growth of the decentralized ecosystem, with the capabilities of modular blockchain technology.


Co-led by leading investors Hashed and K300, both renowned for their profound experience and insights in the Web3 sector, brings invaluable expertise to support project founders. The involvement of both ventures significantly bolsters Modular Labs' capabilities and contributes to the advancement of decentralized projects.

Looking ahead

This collaboration is pivotal for Holdstation’s roadmap, focusing on technological advancements, user engagement, and promoting the integrated features and decentralized platform. Users are now set to experience enhanced convenience and confidence in using Holdstation's products as the platform continues to innovate in the Web3 space.