Holdstation: Maximum Profit for Users with Real Yield Model

Holdstation: Maximum Profit for Users with Real Yield Model

Holdstation is on a mission to establish a sustainable protocol that empowers HOLD believers to maximize profits through a diversified portfolio of revenue streams. Beyond exceptional tokenomics, a revenue-sharing model fuels the platform's long-term growth while maintaining compelling rewards for users.

Stability USDC Vault: Earn Approximate 15% APY with No Impermanent Loss

“Liquidity is King!”

Inspired by the financial wisdom of Michael Milken, Holdstation is committed to fostering deep liquidity, ensuring efficient and stable transactions for our users. Attractive rewards serve as a compelling incentive for liquidity providers to join forces with the project for the long haul.

Building upon the success of the Early Adopter Program, Holdstation is ushering in the next phase of USDC Vault - Sustainable Expansion. Commencing from Epoch 47, users who actively participate in staking at the USDC Vault will unlock the opportunity to earn esHOLD bonuses in addition to receiving USDC #RealYield derived from Holdstation's revenue. To make the protocol sustain with minimum HOLD inflationary, esHOLD will be reward if the APY is lower than 15%.

USDC Vault's Yield Structure:

  • USDC Reward: 40% of trading fees will be distributed to the USDC Vault in USDC, calculated when users withdraw hsUSDC.
  • esHOLD Reward: Paid out each epoch, esHOLD will be awarded to liquidity providers whenever the USDC APY is lower than 15%. This helps the USDC Vault always have stability yields.

HOLD Staking: Your self-growing Treasure

HOLD is the heart of the Holdstation ecosystem, designed to maximize the benefits for holders. Staked HOLD-ers can participate in platform governance, earn more benefits when participating in the Launchpad, and receive discount fees when using Holdstation products. The biggest benefit is to participate in receiving 40% of trading fees from Holdstation.

HOLD Vault's Yield Structure:

  • USDC Reward: 40% of trading fees will be shared with the HOLD Vault, HOLD stakers can claim their USDC rewards at any time.
  • esHOLD Reward: At the end of each epoch, esHOLD will be allocated to users.

Fun fact: Stake HOLD to earn USDC and esHOLD rewards, then stake USDC, redeem HOLD to restake. Over time, you can build a large and passively growing treasure from Holdstation revenue.

What is esHOLD?

esHOLD (escrowHOLD) is a token emission from Holdstation meticulously crafted to foster long-term growth while maintaining ample liquidity incentives for our esteemed users. esHOLD embodies Holdstation's commitment to nurturing a thriving ecosystem where value and accessibility converge.

esHOLD holders can seamlessly redeem their tokens for HOLD, the native currency of Holdstation, through two flexible options:

  • Instant Redemption: For those seeking immediate gratification, esHOLD can be instantly exchanged for HOLD at a redemption rate of 1:0.5.
  • Full Redemption: For users with a long-term vision, esHOLD can be vested for 5 epochs, culminating in the redemption of the full amount at a favorable rate of 1:1.

With esHOLD, Holdstation empowers its users to chart their own course, balancing immediate rewards with long-term wealth accumulation. This dual-redemption mechanism caters to a diverse range of preferences, ensuring that every user can reap the benefits of esHOLD's enduring value.


Holdstation is currently crafting a mechanism to explore potential yields. Our goal is to enhance capital efficiency and ensure optimal yields for our users, while maintaining a mindful balance to avoid unnecessary token inflation. With our #RealYield Model and esHOLD emission, we are one step closer to achieving our goal of providing a sustainable and rewarding platform for our liquidity providers and HOLD believers. 

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