Holdstation Community Report: Insights & Statistics

Holdstation Community Report: Insights & Statistics


The total downloads of Holdstation Wallet have reached 140,000+ with 100,000+ downloads on Android and 40,000+ on iOS. In mid-August 2023, Holdstation underwent a significant update, completely overhauling its UI/UX and becoming the first Smart Contract Wallet on zkSync. Notable new features leveraging Account Abstraction technology include Paymaster, Batch Transaction, Spending Limit, and Seedless Recovery.

Holdstation sponsored the creation fees for 7,449 Smart Contract Wallets that were generated. Within two months of its launch, the number of Smart Contract Wallet users reached 27,400+

Holdstation DeFutures, after 4 months since its debut, has recorded over $580 million in total trading volume. The DeFutures Vault has accumulated a total of $1.3 million in assets with an APY ranging from 15-20%. Holdstation proudly ranks 2 in the fees/revenue category within zkSync.

The campaigns implemented by Holdstation in collaboration with 14 zkSync ecosystem partners have garnered significant community interest, with a high number of completed quests. Additionally, in Q4/2023, Holdstation will take significant steps to further boost the development of the zkSync ecosystem.


Welcome to the Holdstation Community Report! This is the first report summarizing the significant milestones in the development journey of Holdstation. Not only is it a Smart Contract Wallet focused on DeFutures trading, but Holdstation is also a close-knit community consisting of crypto enthusiasts, traders, zkSync-maxis, and partner projects. Together, we are building a thriving Decentralized Finance ecosystem. 

Our Mission 

Holdstation's primary goal is to bridge the gap between Centralized Finance (CeFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). That's why our product is all about giving you the best user experience and making sure your assets are super secure. Thanks to Account Abstraction technology, nothing can hinder our mission from becoming a reality. While adhering to the principle of “your keys, your coins”.

The unique features of Holdstation

Decentralized: All of Holdstation's products are non-custodial, giving users full control over their assets, ensuring complete trust and transparency.

Account Abstraction: As one of the first projects to utilize native Account Abstraction and the first Smart Contract Wallet in the zkSync ecosystem, we deliver a user-friendly experience with extremely high security.

Community-Driven: Holdstation ecosystem is built by the community, for the community, and managed by the community through voting on DAO proposals.

DeFi Ecosystem: Beyond just building a Smart Contract Wallet, Holdstation offers users services like Spot Trading, Futures Trading, Stablecoin Farming, and Staking with a sustainable Real-Yield model.

DeFi-like-CeFi: In addition to full asset control, one-click transactions provide users with a DeFi experience easy like CeFi, thanks to features like Paymaster, Batch Transaction, Seedless Recovery, and Spending Limit.

Holdstation’s Milestones

Wallet is Holdstation's core product, serving as a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet designed for futures trading. After over a year since its launch, Holdstation Wallet has achieved significant milestones, over 140,000 downloads with:

  • Over 100,000 downloads from the Android.
  • Over 40,000 downloads on iOS.

From Q1 to early Q2 2023, Holdstation Wallet, being a newcomer, had a limited user base with over 20,000 downloads.

From May to August, Holdstation implemented and integrated DeFutures into the wallet and hosted various trading events. This resulted in user growth, with the user base increasing from 40,000 to over 80,000 downloads.

In September 2023, with the deployment of the first Smart Contract Wallet on zkSync, the user base experienced an explosive surge, reaching a remarkable 140,000+ downloads.

With a vast user base, Holdstation Wallet continuously updates its features and promptly addresses user-reported bugs. Recognizing critical issues such as user interface and user experience, as well as matters related to logos and banners, Holdstation released a significant update in mid-August, improving all of these aspects and introducing the first feature from the Account Abstraction technology - Paymaster.

Smart Contract Wallet 

Holdstation deployed its Smart Contract Wallet on September 20th. This is an incredibly significant milestone, delivering an extremely user-friendly experience with significantly higher security compared to EOAs (Externally Owned Accounts). 

“Using Holdstation Wallet now provides an experience no different from centralized exchanges”

Nearly 2 months since its launch, there have been over 27,400 wallets upgraded to the Smart Contract Wallet, with 7,400 wallets sponsored by Holdstation for the creation of gas fees.

More than 27,400 users have experienced transactions through Smart Contract Wallet with 100,200+ transactions. Out of these, 14,568+ transactions were paid network fees ($ETH) in stablecoin through Paymaster.

In addition, the Smart Contract Wallet has supported features of Account Abstraction such as:

  • Paymaster: Sponsoring fees and assisting users in paying fees with stablecoins instead of $ETH.
  • Batch Transaction: One-click transactions-based tech, where all transactions like “approve - swap” are consolidated into a single operation.
  • Spending Limit: Limiting asset usage within 24 hours, ensuring the safety of user assets from being completely drained in a single transfer in case of hacking risks.
  • Seedless Recovery & Social Recovery: Preserving and recovering private keys through key fragmentation and storage across multiple platforms (coming soon).

Paymaster and Batch Transactions is perhaps the most beloved feature among users due to its high practicality. Holdstation has sponsored 6.3 $ETH for users and has already utilized 4 $ETH by covering gas fees with stablecoin. It's worth noting that network fees on zkSync remain consistently low, fluctuating within the range of 0.15-0.2$.

Holdstation DeFutures 

Q2 2023 

Launching Holdstation DeFutures in early May, opening a new era for Smart Contract Wallets focused on leverage trading. Users can open multi-asset positions in cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities with leverage up to 500x.

Q3 2023In July, after 2 months of launch, Holdstation has achieved significant milestones.

  • $100,000,000 in total trading volume 
  • $1,000,000 in Total Value Locked (TVL) 
  • Vault APY peaking at 27% 
  • Adding new trading pairs based on user feedback, including $SUI, $HOOK, $EDU, $ID, $PEPE. 
  • $200M in total trading volume in August 

Currently, Holdstation DeFutures has recorded over $580 million in total trading volume, with an average of 2000-3000 daily active users (DAU). The cumulative fee for DeFutures has surpassed $362,000 in just 6 months, with approximately $4,000 - $6,000 in fees paid daily by traders. All trading fees collected are shared as revenue with $hsUSDC stakers.

The DeFutures Vault has reached $1,300,000 with an APY ranging from 15-20% paid in $USDC.

With all these statistics, Holdstation DeFutures is proud to rank in the top 2 for fees/revenue across the entire ecosystem and is the top performer in the derivatives category on zkSync.

Holdstation Voyage (Zealy Campaign)

In late September, Holdstation launched its Voyage, a collaborative campaign aimed at accelerating the development of the zkSync ecosystem. It is being implemented by Holdstation in partnership with 14 project collaborators, including Syncswap, zkSync Name Service, veSync, Interport Finance, XY Finance, Plant Crossing, Symbiosis, Starmaker, iZUMi Finance, De.Fi, SpaceFi, Velocore, Reactor Fusion, and Ankr. 

After 45 days of its launch, Voyage has garnered over 1 million impressions, encouraging users to participate in the ecosystem and receive substantial rewards.More detailed about Holdstation Voyage: https://t.co/hnM7JMVy8p

Layer3 Campaign

This campaign was created at the end of September with the goal of helping users learn how Account Abstraction redefines blockchain transactions beyond traditional Ethereum standards through 6 simple steps such as creating a Smart Contract Wallet, experiencing the convenience and high security of this future technology.

What Next?

As a native project with the aim of supporting the development of the zkSync ecosystem, Holdstation has plans for a launchpad where projects can launch their token sales. In the role of a catapult, the Holdstation Launchpad will serve as a trusted partner, helping potential projects access the resources, community, and necessary support needed to reach millions of users in the future.

We also have plans to launch $uGOLD, $HOLD Public Sale and $HOLD staking.

“Hmmmmm, Q4/2023 is probably a very promising time”

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