Holdstation Airdrop #2

Holdstation Airdrop #2

Greeting HOLD-ers!

Can you believe it's been seven months since our first airdrop? The enthusiasm for our first zkWave was phenomenal, creating waves within the ZKsync ecosystem. Now, after months of progress and securing our place as a top-tier protocol on ZKsync, we're excited to launch our next airdrop.

zkWave 2 Airdrop

Thanks to your continuous support, Holdstation has now become a leading protocol in the ZKsync ecosystem. To show our appreciation, we're thrilled to announce the zkWave 2 Airdrop. This rewards both our long-standing members and new users who joined via Holdstation Wallet, Holdstation DeFutures, and zkStarter.

Holdstation Proposal on snapshot.org

Following the overwhelming approval of the 'Holdstation Proposal: Bonus for OG Users and Top zkWave 2 Participants'—with 95.47% in favor—we are now officially initiating the zkWave 2 airdrop and bonus. This is our way of saying thank you to everyone who has contributed to our journey.

Holdstation Proposal: Snapshot link

Airdrop Criteria

  1. zkWave 2 Leaderboard User

Users who have been actively using Holdstation since the zkWave 1 airdrop. These top users on the zkWave 2 Leaderboard offer a clear and intuitive way to evaluate user activity. The ranking criteria not only boost user engagement but also contribute to the growth of Holdstation’s community and core products.

  1. Gas Champions

Users who have spent over $1000 on gas fees on Holdstation. These champions have shown unparalleled commitment and deserve top-tier recognition through exclusive rewards.

  1. Gas Warriors

Bonuses based on gas spent on Holdstation, categorized into the following tiers to ensure inclusivity:

  • Tier 1: Over $500
  • Tier 2: Over $300
  • Tier 3: Over $100

This tiered approach guarantees that a broader range of users, based on their level of activity and support, are rewarded proportionately.

  1. Fee Warriors

Bonuses based on fees spent on Holdstation, are categorized into the following tiers:

  • Tier 1: Over $500
  • Tier 2: Over $300

This ensures that users contributing significantly through fees also receive their well-deserved rewards.

  1. OG Users

Users who have supported, promoted, and provided feedback for Holdstation from the beginning. These users have been instrumental in our journey and deserve special acknowledgement and rewards for their unwavering support

  1. Paymaster

Users who supported Holdstation Paymaster, including those who used tokens other than ETH for gas payments on Holdstation Wallet, engaged with Galxe campaigns, or used HOLD to pay for gas within the ZKsync ecosystem.

  1. HOLD Stakers

Users who have staked their HOLD tokens on our platform.

  1. User Balance

Users who maintain a minimum balance on Holdstation Wallet.

Note: The data snapshot was taken at 7:05 UTC on June 11, 2024. (ZKsync airdrop day). The airdrop will be claimable at 14:00 UTC on July 03, 2024.

Vesting period for zkWave 2

Users who meet the specified criteria will receive the zkWave 2 Airdrop from Holdstation. Any airdrop allocation before the Proposal can be claimed immediately. The bonus allocation will be distributed as follows:

  • Immediate Claim: Users can claim 50% of the bonus immediately.
  • Reserved Allocation: The remaining 50% will be distributed two months later, provided users have at least 10 days of active engagement on Holdstation during this period.

Active engagement is classified as consistent on-chain action using the Holdstation Wallet, including activities such as swap trades and using the Paymaster service.

This structured allocation ensures that committed users are rewarded while also promoting ongoing engagement with the platform.

Next Step

To ensure transparency, we want to clarify that the zkWave 2 airdrop will be fairly distributed to users who have made significant contributions to the platform. The more active you are, the greater your rewards will be.

By involving the community in this crucial decision-making process, we aim to ensure that airdrop rewards are allocated fairly, transparently, and in a manner that reflects the contributions and loyalty of our valued users.

Thank you to our dedicated users for participating and helping shape the future of our airdrop strategy!

zkWave 2 Airdrop can only be claimed on the Holdstation Wallet. Please avoid clicking on any external links.

zkWave 2 Airdrop FAQs 

  1. Who is eligible for this airdrop?

All Holdstation users in the following groups are eligible for this airdrop:

  • Top 2000 users of the zkWave 2 leaderboard
  • OG Users
  • Stakers
  • Paymaster 

Additionally, after considering feedback from the community, Holdstation has decided to increase the allocation for certain users based on the following criteria:

  • Gas fees spent
  • Transaction fees spent 

For more detailed information, please refer to this proposal.

  1. Why limit the zkWave 2 leaderboard to the top 2000 users instead of distributing tokens equally to all users?

The Holdstation airdrop is not limited to 2000 users. While the top 2000 users on the zkWave 2 leaderboard are one eligible group, there are many other groups of users who will also receive the airdrop. The leaderboard was established to help users easily identify their ranking on Holdstation, encouraging healthy competition and driving platform growth. However, given the large user base, distributing tokens to all users would significantly dilute the benefits for those who are truly active and striving for top positions.

To ensure that dedicated users are properly rewarded, Holdstation has decided to limit the allocation to the top 2000 users. This approach guarantees that their benefits are protected. Meanwhile, smaller users will still receive privileges based on other criteria without any restrictions.

  1. What qualifies as an OG?

OGs are users who have supported, promoted, and provided feedback from the very beginning. These dedicated individuals have been with the project through its development, helping to deepen its connection with the community. Most importantly, they are pioneers in using new features and identifying areas for improvement in Holdstation's products.

  1. Why airdrop for gas & fees spent?

These users are vital to Holdstation’s growth. By conducting transactions, they have significantly contributed to the platform's development. Some users have spent over $1000 in gas fees on Holdstation within one year since the ZKsync Era mainnet launch. To recognize the immense value they bring, a portion of this airdrop allocation will be dedicated to these users as a token of our appreciation.

  1. Why use these criteria for the airdrop?

100% of the tokens allocated for this airdrop are dedicated to the Holdstation user community. We have carefully selected criteria to identify and reward a diverse group of users who invest their time exploring new protocols, testing features, and holding speculative assets. This approach ensures that rewards are precisely targeted towards our loyal and active users.

  1. I met some of the same criteria as a few people I saw on X. Why is my allocation less than theirs?

If you notice someone receiving more tokens than you, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • They have a higher rank in zkWave 2
  • They spent more on gas fees
  • They spent more on other fees
  • They are OGs or contributors at Holdstation
  1. Why am I on the zkWave 2 leaderboard but received very few tokens?

The zkWave 2 leaderboard is the basic standard for receiving airdrops from Holdstation. The number of tokens you receive depends on your rank. Additionally, zkWave 2 users can earn bonus tokens based on the gas and fees they've spent on Holdstation.

  1. Why have I staked HOLD for a long time but received very few tokens?

This airdrop primarily targets zkWave 2 Leaderboard users, OGs, and loyal active users—those who use Holdstation daily, generate fees, and drive revenue, ultimately benefiting the stakers. However, to show appreciation for our stakers, a portion of the zkWave 2 tokens is allocated to them. The more HOLD you have staked, the more tokens you will receive.

  1. Why are Holdstation NFTs minted from Galxe not included in this airdrop?

Galxe NFTs are minted when users complete specific tasks on Holdstation. Consequently, holders of these NFTs should be eligible under the following criteria:

  • Paymaster
  • Gas fees spent
  • Transaction fees spent

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